Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Playground in Pajamas

After dropping the older kids off at youth group, on the way home Easton, Hunter and I stopped at the playground.  Not something we normally do.  But I thought it would be something fun. 

Look Mom, a spider web!

Easton went the down slide, climbed, ran, jumped and played on the swings.   

After going down each slide one more time we went home.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My YouTuber

My kids discovered youtube a few years ago and they loved it.  Watching clips of cartoons turned into watching other kids play, open toys and kinder eggs. Now they love watching other people play games like Minecraft, baby alive videos and a few more.

Ever since they watched these videos, they have wanted to make their own videos. I have no idea how to make these videos. So, I just recorded them on my phone.  But I have never posted them.  They have been asking again to post videos. Rio especially wants to be a youtuber.  

This video was taken a about 2.5 years ago.  They look so little.  They are opening and trying to figure out how to use a bubble maker.  Easton who just turned three, is in a high chair laughing.

This video is funny.  They are opening kinder eggs but they have no idea of the animal. 

The other weekend when we went for a drive to the beach.  I let Rio take my phone and record.  It was a cute video.  In the beginning,  Easton throws a lolly pop and Jovy catches it. They wanted me to uploaded to youtube and I did.  They kept looking to see if any watched. It was sweet. T

The video to the beach

Maybe we will add more videos.  Rio has taken a few videos already.  She takes her doll and my phone.  Easton who loves playing with her, follows along, happy to be include.

Monday, October 2, 2017

No Thanksgiving

Last year, for the first time, we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. Even with two years having little babies we had Thanksgiving. But last night changing decorations on the ceiling for another birthday, I remembered why we didn't celebrate last year. It was just too much.

Our 2nd and 3rd children have birthdays four days a part and then after their birthdays, it is Thanksgiving. We started celebrating one birthday on one weekend, then the next weekend, we celebrate the other child's birthday.

Easton's birthday was last week.  We celebrated this past weekend or tried to, he was sick. I will blog later about it later. Today is Rio's birthday. We are going to celebrate her birthday the coming weekend.  It is also Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Last year to add to the chaos of two birthdays and Thanksgiving, was the start of hockey season. Jovy's first practice was on Thanksgiving evening.  Instead of rushing around trying to find time to make a turkey and eat the turkey.  We just didn't do it.

I felt guilty afterwards. I sort of feel bad thinking back on it now, but putting up those decorations last night I remembered why I made that choice.

This year we will celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Friday Drive

Terry didn't have to work on Friday. So we did something we didn't do in a long time. We took a drive with the two younger boys while the older kids were in school.  Before kids we would take drives all the time.  We would say if we had coffee and gas in the tank we would be happy. 

Water and Tims

Once the kids started to get older, the more they the fought in the vehicle. "He's looking out my window", "Rio stop pushing me, ReeeeOOO I said stop".  It just got too much and the relaxation we got from the drive was gone.


 We drove to a place called Harbourville. Easton got to throw rocks in the water, walk around with dad and we got to hear the water come in over the rocks. It was very peaceful.


Throwing rocks in the water

 Beautiful Day

Hunter checking this out

On the way home, we took the back way (no highway) home.  It was nice.  The boys were quite and we got to take in the scenery of changing leaves and farm living. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sundy Beach Day

We went to the beach on Sunday. Not our normal sandy beach, but a beach closer to where we live, still over an hour drive though. Rio wanted to go to a sandy beach all summer long. But with a new baby and Terry going down to the shore to mow on the weekend, it just didn't happen.

On our way to the beach, Jovy is trying hard not to be in the picture.

Actually, we didn't do a whole lot this summer. A friend lent us two a/c units this and for the first time during summer our place was cool.  So, we stayed in a lot with Hunter.  The kids didn't seem to mind. They went to several Church camps and did a few weeks of swimming lessons and Jovy played ball.  It was a nice break from the school and hockey routine. 

The water was cold, but that didn't stop them.

September has been warm and muggy.  The feel like temperatures were in the high 20s to mid 30s.  This day at the beach was kinda windy but warm. The water was cold to my feet. Terry told me it wasn't bad once you were in the water, but I stayed playing in the sand with Easton and Hunter. 

Hunter's feet, first time in ocean and sand

 Easton dancing, he loves the beach too

Rio took her skipping rope

Jovy spent most of his time in the water.  He would get out wipe his face with a towel tell me something and run back in. 

 My drooly cutie

We spent about two hours there.  As we were leaving the fog started to roll in.  We got home, had supper and put the kids to bed. There was no complaining of wanting to stay up later.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Keeping Up With Blogging

I  started this blog many years ago.  It was to keep the memories of the little things that get forgotten. As with life sometimes, projects get pushed aside.  And now here we are, Easton will be three next week. Hunter is almost 5 months and I haven't been recording. I regret that. 


 The kids on Saturday

Laundry, meals, sports haven taken over. But oh what fun it is to look back, especially with the kids. A few post ago I wrote about this and here I am again. The kids grow so fast. I want to remember.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meeting Hunter

Friday after school, the kids came to meet Hunter for the first time. Terry had told them about Hunter needing an IV and that we had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. They were a little sad, but they were happy to finally meet Hunter. 

 Easton seeing Hunter for the first time.

 Rio's reaction

 Jovy seeing Hunter

 Hunter is crying. Easton is trying to console him. 
But instead of saying "Shhh.." it is more of a blowing out a candle.

Our Kids!

While me and Hunter were at the hospital, Terry did an amazing job with the kids at home. School, lunches, meals. He did it all.  I am thankful for him and our family and friends. Nanny watched Easton and the kids so Terry could come see us at night. A good friend of mine picked up our kids from school. Women at our Church brought us meals the first week home.  It was was nice to go home.