Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Post about Sleep

This morning started on a sleepy note.  Ri was up on and off from 12:00am til about 2:00am.  She woke up and couldn't get settled back to sleep.  Me and Terry took turns going in with her.  Ri ended up in our bed, but again couldn't be settled. I ended up putting her back in her own bed, she fell asleep and stayed asleep.  Go figure.  One cute moment, I was in her room, rubbing her head, and thinking "Mommy is so tired, please, please go to sleep."  Ri took my hand, kissed it and snuggled my hand close to her chest.  It was so sweet, my thinking process changed quickly.  "Oh mommy loves you Ri. I don't mind being sleepy in the morning". 

When Ri woke this morning, she was so cranky. She wasn't happy with anything or anybody.  I decided to put her back to bed.  I put her down around 8:30 and I woke her up just after eleven because we were meeting a friend and her kids for lunch.  How long she would have slept if I didn't wake her?

For lunch we went to a local kid friendly cafe. There is a play area for the kids.  So while the kids play, we moms can chat and drink coffee.  The cafe was really nice and we all had a great time.  It was my first time there and of course I'm one of the last people to try things,  I found out they are going out of business in two weeks.  I'm hoping to make back again before they close. 

This afternoon Ri fell down and I cuddled her.  She started pointing to J.  I asked if she wanted to go sit beside J, she nodded yes.  But she didn't want to sit next to J, she wanted to cuddle with J.  She got on his lap and cuddle in to his little chest, arms wrapped around his shoulders.  Very cute.  And again, I didn't have the camera handy.  J had been trying for a while to help console Ri when she got hurt but Ri would always push him way.  Today she went to him, so it was extra special.

Later in the afternoon Ri went for needle.  Her last until she goes to school.  The time is going by so quickly.  This time next year I'll be taking J to his before school needle.  Even though I'm really tired tonight and my brain isn't functioning right for writing, I'm happy to have a recorded memory of our day. 

Sweet Dreams and May the Kids Sleep through the Night

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