Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boys and Puddles

Last week, it was a nice day.  R was napping, so me and J went outside to play.  It started as normal  - soccer, bike riding and chasing. But then something caught his attention. A puddle.  First came rock throwing. Then it was running and jumping. Before long, the boots were off and he was sitting in the puddle.  It escalated from there.  He kept saying "Look at me Mom!".  Partly, I think to see if I would say anything.  J likes to test me.  I didn't say anything.  We finally went in, leaving the muddy soaked clothes on the deck. The mud never did come out his white shirt.

Yesterday in the library, checking out books, the librarian says to J, "My mother had such a great time watching you play in the puddle the other day."  Her mother lives below us.

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