Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Already?

For a minute I thought today was Wednesday, I was going to title this post 'Hump Day" Ha!  It must have been a long day.

This morning laying in bed, I hear the kids get up.  I stay in bed.  They both came in and jumped on the bed "Morning" J says.  We do hugs, cuddles, talk for a bit and then up we go to start our day.  Last night before bed Terry made the kids butter, peanut butter, jam toast.  It was a hit, they gobbled it up, even Ri who doesn't always like bread.  I thought I would make the same thing this morning, it didn't have the same effect. 

J does have pink eye. I took him to the doctor this morning. The doctor prescribed drops and he also mentioned that Ri could get it too.  So far so good with Ri.  His eyes look much better today than yesterday (had used polysporin for the eye), just a little pink on the outside, like he is sleepy. 

Speaking of sleep: 

J actually feel asleep.  For about a half hour both kids were sleeping.

 Ri wakes up and wants to play ball with J
Ri tries to put the ball in his hand. She's not giving up.  She wants to play.
 And check out her out fit.  She has on shorts, pants, shorts, pants, pants.  I was going through bags of clothes friends have given me for Ri.  She was trying them out.

Soon after the picture was taken, J woke up and they both played and I cooked supper.  I made BBQ sausages for Terry and the kids.  The sausage was 8 points each, too much for me. So, instead of one sausage, I went for 2 pieces of bread, 3oz chicken, mayo which is also 8 points.  As I write, thinking about supper, I'm hungry.

Steaming veggies in the wok 

After supper, Terry took the kids outside and I did some tidying up.  It took a long time for the kids to fall asleep tonight.  But Hooray tomorrows Friday.  Plans for tomorrow: Spending time with Jesus, weightwatchers, pick hubby up from work, dentist and friends house.


  1. I had considered WW but a friend joined a plan called Simply for Life instead and was generous enough to share the menus with me. I lost nearly 35 pounds so easily... unfortunately I 'fell off the wagon' at Easter time last year and got back into the snack food habit and it all came back. I just started the plan again, I'm on my 5th day and so far so good. I see WW has a new online option... I was very tempted by that.

    1. Congratulations on your fifth day! You'll be able to get the weight off in no time.

      A friend of mine lost 80lb with ww, so I knew it work. I like the ww program, it allows me to choose what to eat. I also like going to the meetings, it helps motivate me.

      I have heard the name Simply for Life, but not much about the program. Best wishes in you weightloss success!