Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today has been a wonderful day.  A day to remember.  The morning started with kids jumping on the bed with Mother Day cards they got the day before. I gave them lots of hugs and kisses and got lots of hugs and kisses in return.  Hubby made breakfast, he makes the best scrambled eggs!

Then off to Church we went. The service was awesome and the kids had a great time in the Little Treasures program. I always leave refreshed. 

For lunch, we went to The Cup of Soul Cafe.  I was excited to go because they have a gluten free menu. While we were eating, Peter McKay, Canada's Minister of National Defence, came in with his wife and mother.  I really wanted to ask for a picture, but I didn't want to ask and after all he was out with his family. 

I got the garlic chicken gluten free sandwich.  It was so yummy!

 Terry got the bowl of chilli.  He said it was too good!

The kids got a grill cheese sandwich. It was really cheesy.

After lunch we went for a drive to the water.  We walked on the board walk and threw rocks in the water. We visited a candy shop and left with cotton candy and popcorn.  

  It was a lot colder and winder than expected. But we still had a good time. We all love the water.

We ate supper at home. Terry cooked a summer, a yummy veggie stir fry. We each made our own Sundaes for dessert

For my sundae I used 14 points weightwatchers points.  It was worth it. 
Happy Mother's Day!


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