Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello & Welcome

Hello & Welcome to My Blog!

I have wanted to blog for a while now, even labeling myself as a 'wannabe blogger' and finally here I am after about a year or two - no kidding.

Why so long?  A little nervousness.  There are many fancy blogs out there (mine not so much), Will I have anything to say?  Will I put the effort in? (There are many abandoned blogs out there) Will people understand what I'm trying to say? Will people judge me?
Maybe my blog will get fancy.  I probably will have things to say, I'm a mom of two little ones after all.  I think I could blog a few post a week.  Most moms and wives will probably know what I'm trying to communicate. 

With my blog, I hope to share stories of our family with far away friends and family.  Facebook can only do so much ;-) The kids are growing up so fast, sometimes I forget the little details, like the other day hubby and J went fishing.  Me and R were playing trains.  R was on her hands and knees and was trying to get the train in a tunnel. She was trying so hard, she ended rolling over and was quite surprised. So Sweet!  I don't want to forget those little moments.  I'm hoping with blogging, it will hold on to the little details we may have forgotten.

To my family and friends, this is for you.

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