Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kids View

It is pretty amazing how and what kids hear and they pick up.  This morning, Ri had taken the camera out of my purse and was walking around with it.  J takes the camera from her and says "If this falls and breaks, we can't just go out and get a new one."  Which is so funny because we tell this to J all the time.  

Both J and Ri at some point have taken pictures with the camera.  Here are some of them.

Pictures by J

  J's self portrait, with a little jam on his face I believe.

 Me and Ri.  Like mother like daughter, both of us with hands on our heads. 

 Our Christmas Cactus


Pics by Ri


 Almost self portrait

Got closer.  Another jammy face. 

Ri has been saying new words like: Dora, backpack, ball, milk, etc.  So when we ask her to say J's name, she says something that sounds like 'Dough Jo'.  I wasn't sure if Dough Jo was referring to her brother or just to anything she couldn't pronounce.  So this afternoon, ;she was up in my arms and I ask her where was Dough Jo and Ri pointed right to her brother.

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