Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morning Fun and A Windy Rainy Afternoon

This morning, me and the kids went to a friends house.  She has four kids, two at home and two in school.  The kids played and played.  First it was with play dough, then the trampoline and it ended in a mud pile.  Both of mind kids (and one of hers) had muddy hands, muddy feet and muddy clothes.  But did they ever have fun!  I brought an extra set of clothes, so it all worked out.  

Then it was home, while I made lunch, the kids played.  Yes, that's Ri!  She squeezed herself in the cat carrier.

In the afternoon we went to pick up hubby from work. It's a highway drive and it was raining hard and very windy.  I had a hard time seeing where I was going.  I turned on my flashers and did about 60km to 80km the whole way.  And I wasn't the only one.  After we picked up hubby, we heard on the radio a car went in the ditch close to our exit.  When it's bad weather - Slow Down!

One of the reasons I picked hubby today, is because I wanted to pick up a sale item. We picked up this little table top bbq beauty at Canadian Tire for $30 (reg. $50).  I love a good deal!  I think it will be very useful for picnics and camping.  Picnics are so inexpensive and so much fun.  My little ones just love it.  Some days we just take a blanket outside with lunch.

For supper we had gluten free pizza!  The kids were eating the turkey pepperoni from the top.
Hooray tomorrow's Friday!

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