Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend

The kitchen is quite, I'm doing dishes. Ri is napping and J is playing computers games.  My mind drifts to yesterday, to the weekend....

Saturday morning starts with wishing daddy / husband a Happy Birthday.  The kids jump on the bed proudly showing him the birthday cards we made for him the day before.  After breakfast and quick tidy up, I head out.  I'm joining weight watchers this morning.

When I get home, Terry is outside playing with the kids.  This brings a smile to my face.  It is always very sweet to see a dad playing with his children.  But, it is extra special to me because they are my kids and he is my husband.

After eating lunch with the kids and Nanny at a local restaurant, Terry and I set off to start our romantic getaway.  I have booked us a room at the Hampton Inn and suites.  It will be our first time there.

Before check in, we go hand in hand walking along the streets. We stop to browse through some of the nearby stores. It was nice to be able to take the time to look at things and imagine how we could incorporate them in our home.  There was no stopping little hands trying to grab things.  There were no 'looks' towards my husband, which meant it was time to go - Now.  It was a time of togetherness, just husband and wife.

Our Room at the Hilton

 Boston Pizza now offers Gluten Free Pizza

In the evening we did the dinner and a movie thing, but in reverse. We saw "The Raven" (it was better than expected), and then headed over to Boston Pizza for a late supper. We had a lovely dinner.  The food was delicious and our server was just great. 
After a lazy Sunday morning.  Hubby and I did some shopping and headed home to see the munchkins.  Terry said he had and awesome birthday! 

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