Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pink Eye - Maybe?

I was one of the last parents to pick their child up from preschool this morning. Ri and I get to the door, J comes out and we are about to leave when the teacher says "We think J may have pink eye." 

This morning J was complaining about his eye hurting, I put a warm cloth on his eye and he said it felt better.  When I looked at his eye, J had an eyelash just under, so I thought his eye was hurting because he had an eyelash in his eye.  I was wrong.  The teacher said they noticed discharge from his eye about an hour after he was there. She also said pink eye is going around. Wonderful. And is very contagious, Ri may get it too. More Wonderful.

Cute highlights of the day:  
J laid on his bed, so I could put medicine in his eye, Ri was watching.  When he got up, she laid down and pointed to her eye, it was her turn.
Outside after supper with the kids, we went for a little walk.  Ri holding my hand on one side, J on the other.  It is rare for him to hold my hand, so it was extra special. When we came inside, J told his dad his favourite part of playing outside was going for a walk. 
These are the moments that make motherhood priceless.

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