Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Rainy Day & Wild Life Park Pics

It's a rainy day, kinda dull but humid.  It feels like a Monday and the clock seems to be standing still.  It's laundry day. I've been slacking on laundry.  It's mostly all washed but the clothes needs to be folded and put away.  

The kids were up extra early this morning, before seven, before the alarm.  They are resting now, Ri down for a nap. The room is darker today because the sun is hidden by the clouds.  She fell asleep quick.  J is watching a Handy Manny episode. It's the one where Manny and the tools go up in a hot air balloon. He just came over to me and asked for envelope and a stamp.  He wants to mail a letter to my mother, he calls her Met.

Over the weekend I started putting away clothes and toys the kids have outgrown.  We want more kids, so I have been saving them.  I have a big bag to go to charity and four totes to store a friends house.  She has a huge space to store things.  I take advantage, our place can clutter very easily.  She doesn't mind.  Also on the list to take down is the side railing of the crib.  Terry converted the crib to a toddler bed a few weeks ago. Ri likes it a lot and she has been good with it.  Not really a problem to get her to stay and sleep.  Thank goodness.  J on the other hand, when he first went in a toddler bed, found his freedom.

Yesterday we had a quiet day at home.  We tried going grocery shopping but J started to act up, so we came home.  Hubby and I finally figured out why Mondays are rough with him.  He's exhausted from the weekend, the past week.  It shows in his behaviour.  J doesn't really like to sleep, as soon as he sees light, it must be time to get up.  Now with the evenings staying brighter longer, he too thinks he should stay awake longer. When the time went back in the fall, we could keep them up past 6pm on the new time. 

After supper, we told J is was time to go to bed.  He didn't like the idea he cried, but he went.  He was tired.  I stayed in bed with him.  We said prayers, I rubbed his hair.  When prayers were over, he asked me to stay and I did.  I ended up rubbing his head and back until he fell asleep.  I too almost fell asleep. Last night he slept for almost twelve hours. He needed it. It was a nice quite time, just me and J.

Here are some pics of our trip to the Wild Life Park over the Weekend:

There was a long line to get in to the park. Lots of families came to enjoy the day.

A moose.  We heard they got him from Alberta.  That's quite the trip!

The kids looking a mom duck and her ducklings.

Mom duck and her babies.

J going after peacocks. There is two on either side of the tree. 

 One of Terry's favourite animals of the day - The Crane.

Stinky but cute.

  The park. Beautiful!

  Can you see the peacock in the tree?

  One of my favourite animals.  I love owls!

Black bear with his foot resting against a tree. 

On our way home.  All tried out.

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