Friday, May 25, 2012

A Simple Day

Today was a simple day.  There was no big events, no rushing around, no trips to the store.  The morning started with taking Terry to work, Ri cried when he got out the van.  I asked her "Do you want to go to work with daddy?"  She nodded yes through her tears.  A little darling.  Then it was off to preschool.  When we drove by our place, J said "I want to go home." He's a little character. But off to preschool we went. We entered the classroom J ran, he didn't even say goodbye, he was off playing.  Me and Ri went to for walk with a fellow preschool mom, she is also in my weight watchers group.  It was nice we walked for an hour.

After lunch the kids watched some cartoons, played with toys.  We also went outside, read books on a blanket, played soccer and rode bikes.  When we were playing soccer, Ri's ball rolled way, she went to get it and on the way back with her ball, Ri fell, face first in the dirt.  I picked her up, she was crying and had small rocks stuck on her face due to sunscreen. As I'm cuddling her, J comes over and gently rubs the rocks off her face and says "It's ok Ri".  My heart melted.  Ri then pulls away from me and puts her arms around J for a hug.  A treasured moment for mom.

After play time outside, we came in, snacks and water for the kids, supper making time for me.  A simple supper for lean ground beef, noodles and cheese.  After supper, I bath the kids.  Terry left to practice ball and I put the kids to bed.  They were so sleepy, especially J.  He said he was too sleepy for a book.  I had a quite evening, watched some tv, and worked on a Bible lesson.  Tomorrow it's weight watchers meeting and a trip to the library.  It may be a rainy day.  Did I mention I lost 1.2lb last week?  

Some photos of the week:

 The kids at the beach from last weekend

 Made carrot french fries for the first time this week.

 My attempt to make ww teriyaki turkey burgers failed.

 Evening sun in the kitchen. Love that time of day and the sun light. 

 Painting with children

 Beautiful green grass for our bare toes.

Ri running over the blanket with her bike after watching J do it.
Happy Friday!

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