Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleep or Lack of It

The kids went to bed easy tonight - Amazing!  Around 7:30 I looked at Terry and said "Can you believe the kids are quite?" "No" he answered, "It's pretty nice." Bedtime for us can be a battle sometimes.  Not the getting the kids to bed, but the getting them to fall asleep.  Some nights it's after nine before they would finally give in to their sleepiness. Like some kids, they will hang on to the very end instead of admitting they are tired. I'm the only mom I know, among my friends, who are blessed with kids who have a stubbornness to sleep.  

Last night and the night before, Ri woke up several times throughout the night, she couldn't stay asleep, but she was very tired.  At first I thought she had to pee, so I brought her to the potty, her little eyes couldn't stay open, she would take long blinks, she was swaying back and forth on the potty. But when I brought her back to her room, there was resistance, a grunt and her arm pointing away from the door. She wasn't giving up.  It probably took five different times of cuddles and putting back to bed before she was finally settled.  We even tried putting her in our bed several times. It was a little frustrating because we were tired but it was also a nice moment with Ri.  She was so cute, Ri would go over to Terry, be so up close with his his face and try to cuddle right in with him.  After a few minutes, Ri would leave Terry and come over to me and do the same thing, a few minutes later back to Terry.  She would wrap her little arm over my neck and give me kisses. Precious girl!  

We realized that J needs more sleep over the weekends. I find his worst behaviour is on Mondays.  He is probably a little worn out from the previous week, the weekend adds to it (we go out and do things) and by Monday it's the perfect storm.  Monday evening, after supper, we put J to bed.  I went with him, we said prayers and I rubbed his hair and back until he fell asleep. It didn't take long.  He, even snored, such a little sweetheart! Tuesday, we did the same thing. He was mad to go to bed earlier than normal, but I think he also liked it. I think he liked the just me and him time (I did too!) and the resting/relaxing part.  Last night he fell asleep on his own and again tonight.  J was so well rested today!  It showed!  I didn't even have to threaten time out.

I know for me, I need my sleep, I feel cranky when I don't get enough rest. I would love to be able to thrive on three four hours of sleep. But no such luck.

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