Friday, May 11, 2012

Special Day as a Mommy

Today was a special day for me as a mom. I had a moment with each of the kids that I will remember for a long time.

This morning was the mother's day tea at J's preschool.  I walked in, he ran up to me and took me over to the picture wall, he drew a picture of me.  He told me, "I gave you earnings". I asked if I could take a picture of him by the picture he drew, he said no. 

There were tables with table cloths, sandwiches, cookies and of course tea.  Before we ate, all the moms/caregivers and children went in a big circle and the kids sang songs.  They sang their Good Morning song, a Mommy song (sang like bingo, I had tears in my eyes. It was very sweet), She'll be coming around the mountain (my favourite part was 'She'll be sleeping with grandma when she comes', then the kids said 'Move over' and pushed in to the parents,  I laughed so much.) and Skinamarinka dinky dink Skinamarinka doo.

The picture J drew of me
We then sat for sandwiches and tea.  I couldn't eat the sandwiches and J pointed towards the sandwiches for me to try.  I said "You know mommy can't eat the sandwiches."  He then told me to eat the inside of the sandwich.  I did.  I talked with J and other moms at the table.  It was very nice. Just before it was time to leave, J took his mom picture off the wall and surprised me with a lovely plant.  I hope it last forever.  I love you J with all my heart and soul.  Mommy had such a wonderful time at the Mother's Day tea.  I feel very blessed to be your Mommy.

 The lovely plant J planted at preschool for Mother's Day.

This evening, the sun was shinning, J went on the deck, Ri followed.  I took a peak out, she was sitting at the top step in a blue and white dress with a drink bottle by her side.  She looked so precious.  I wish I had taken a picture.  I went out and sat beside her.  J went back in. It was just us. She saw my toe nails painted (purple), I asked if she wanted her nails painted too.  Ri nodded yes.  So, off I went to get the nail polish.  I painted her little toe nails.  She watched intently and never pulled away.  When I was done, Ri gave me her left pointed finger, I painted her nail.  She look at her nail and then gave me her pointed finger on her right hand.  I painted that nail.  Ri looked at the painted nail, she must have approved because she then gave me her left hand to paint.  This was the first time I pained her finger nails.  It was such a nice quiet moment between just us.  She looked so cute in her dress, the sun was getting lower in the sky.  It's a memory I want to keep forever. And I didn't take a picture.  Mommy loves you Ri so much, you bring joy that I didn't even know it was missing.


  1. i really enjoyed your post! we are living overseas now and my youngest schoold doesn't do a lot for mother's day. i know i will miss the special treats that come home from school this year.


    1. Hi Dena, Thank you for your kind comment. This was my first year to get something from preschool. It was very special. I hope you have a great Mother's Day!