Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Weekend

It's Sunday but the weekend is not over. Tomorrow is a holiday!, It's Victory Day or as some people call it May two-four. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, today was mid twenties. Yesterday the same. We took advantage of the nice days and spent some time out side.

Saturday afternoon we went to Rainbow Heaven Provincial Beach. It was our first time there. The scenery is beautiful.  However there were many people at the beach with their dogs and no leash, even though there are signs posted warning people to keep their dog on a leash.  One dog came over jumped around Ri, almost knocking her down. The owners were oblivious. She was scared and I was too, I don't that dog or what it might do. Ri is so little.  I wish people would keep their dogs on a leash or leave their dogs home.

 Terry and the kids.  We're on our way to the beach!

Ri walking in the sand checking out the waves.

J loves the beach. He loves the sand and water. He really wanted to get in the water. 

Both kids checking out the waves.  It was windy on the beach.

 J loved the waves hitting his feet.

Ri not so much.

After a little bit of crying and pouting from the kids (they Really didn't want to leave) we headed over to a walking trail, Salt Marsh Trail, where everyone had their dog on a leash. The trail is an old railway track.  The views were spectacular!

At first things started out a little rough because J fell down while we were looking at the trail map.  He's knees were scraped and a bit bleeding, we decided to head home. But then we saw a park warden, Terry asked if he had any band aids, and the warden did!  He fixed J up and J said he want to walk. It was perfect timing and I really liked the idea/thought of someone patrolling the trails.  

I'm happy J said he wanted to walk. Just breathtaking. 

On the way home we made two stops one to the Superstore to get gluten free english muffins (I use them sometimes as hamburger buns), the other stop was  to Tim Hortons were we got something cold to drink (frozen lemonades and ice coffee).  For supper Terry made hamburgers on the bbq. The hamburgers were delicious!  The kids were sleepy after a quick bath they were off to bed.

Today we went to the wildlife park.  There were a lot of people, it was nice to see. I'll post pictures tomorrow :)


  1. It certainly was a gorgeous weekend here! You can see my house if you go a bit further up the trail from the bridge. Small world.