Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Angry Birds & Chocolate Chip Muffins

Today was warm sunny day.  I brought J to preschool, Ri stayed home with Terry.  He was home sick from work today. Still battling strip throat. It worked out well, Ri just started to wake up as me and J was heading out the door.  She slept in. Today is the third day Ri has refused to nap.  Maybe we have better luck with napping tomorrow?

This morning while getting for preschool, I was telling hubby about the things we (me and the kids) are going to be doing this week.  J then mentions we have to pick up "Daddy's angry bird t-shirt".  We had ordered Terry an Angry Birds t-shirt from Sears for fathers day.  I had told J this earlier in the week, that we have to pick up the gift on Thursday.  So, J was  being helpful and making sure we didn't forget. I was hoping to keep it a surprise,  I was so looking forward to seeing Terry's face when he opened the gift J picked out for him. 

Last week, I was checking email, Ri was napping, J came in the room with a Sears catalog.  The page was turned to a guy wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt.  J said 'We should get this for dad'.  They had played Angry Birds several times and really enjoy it.  I thought what a great idea for Fathers' Day.  It will still be sweet to watch J watch Terry open the gift.

 J informed us this evening not to register him for preschool next year.  I think it may have something to due with something I said.  I told him that next year some of the kids won't be there and some new kids will be there.  Maybe he is like me and doesn't like change. 

The other day I made non gluten free banana chocolate chip muffins for the family.  I used real flour and got the kids to help.  It was my first time.  The kids can't stop eating them.  Even Ri says "Muff In".  So tonight around 9:30, I made gluten free chocolate chip muffins.  I cave and ate one.  

 I left them in oven too long.  
And how do I get the chocolate chips pouring out the time?
But they are yummy!

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