Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Rid of Old Faithful

I know I'm not the only one who has a couple pieces of clothes hanging around that could really go in the trash, not even in good enough shape to be donated.  I do too.  They are my old faithful.  The last pieces of clothing that goes on when nothing else fits.  

I had/have a few pieces. One was a thin royal blue v-neck sweater that was my mother's when she was younger. Looking back, I first remember wearing the sweater around 1995 and it was only last week that I threw it out.  Hubby had been begging me for a while to get rid of it.  It had a tear in the seam on the upper arm/shoulder area.  I had it professional sewn, it came apart.  I had my husband fix it and again it came apart.  There was a hole in cufflink and a hole in the front bottom band.  But my goodness I loved that old sweater.  

When I felt big and had to go out and my jeans were tight, old faithful sweater came to the rescue.  It wasn't tight fitting.  It felt loose, I felt better about going out.  Because when your clothes don't fit and are tight, finding something to wear is a nightmare, it's frustrating, maddening and sad.  The feeling of it all makes you want to stay home and more than likely eat. 

But this time I am trying with Weight Watchers, I'm trying not to give up even if a have a bad hour, day or week.  So, last week, I got rid of my old faithful sweater, out in the trash it went.  It was sad to see it go, it was with me in my last year in high school, college, marriage and babies.  But I knew I had to get rid of it so I wouldn't be using it as a crutch.  I have clothes in my clothes that don't fit, I needed/need to see those clothes as my goal.  And with summer around the corner, I though by the time  fall comes and I could wear that sweater, I would be smaller and probably wouldn't need that sweater because some of my other clothes will fit.

 Here's me and J back in 2009.  I'm wearing my old faithful sweater.

I also threw out some of the maternity jeans, I had been hanging on to and wearing I might add.  The non jean material around the belly had holes in them as well.  Again, it was all about trying to find something to wear going out, something that wouldn't be tight and have my rolls of flub hanging over my jeans.  But I'm on a journey and now the only time I want to wear maternity jeans is when I'm pregnant again.

Do I still have an old faithful?  Yes I do. One thing I have this ratty thin pull on sweater with zip, that I have yet to throw out. And I still wear it.  It is horrible.  I need to throw it out. But there is comfort that goes along with it that has nothing to do with the sweater.

Right now I am focusing on the day to day trying to stay with in my points and dreaming of the day when I can fit in clothes that are hanging in my closet.

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