Sunday, June 3, 2012

Joyful Day

Everyday doesn't have to be an exciting day for it to be a joyful day.  Sometimes it is just nice to stay at home. Sometimes it is nice to stay home and just clean house.  Sometimes it is just nice to have a lazy day.  Like this weekend.  We didn't go on any road trips, we didn't go any attractions, but this weekend was/is joyful.
Yesterday we woke up with a plan.  We decided that after my weight watchers meeting we would go to the store and pick up soccer stuff for J and a belt for the vacuum.  I went to my meeting and was happy to have loss 0.6lbs.  It all adds up in the end and if I wasn't trying I wouldn't be losing, I would probably be gaining.  

After our short shopping trip we came back and had lunch at A&W.  We had received coupons earlier in the week.  Two can dine sort of coupons.  In the afternoon, Ri had a nap and me and J had a little nap.  Even though the kids had napped they still seemed tired, so it was a early bedtime and Terry and I watched more Deadliest Catch.

This morning me and the kids went to Church.  It was enjoyable, I felt a peace that it was ending (the Sunday morning meetings), but also an yearning to keep the friendships, the relationships going.  Next week will the last time.  

It's after lunch, Ri is down for a nap.  J is having quite time, watching tv in our bedroom.  Our place is tidy and it is quite and it is joyful.

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