Saturday, June 16, 2012

MS Fire Truck Show & Shine

Saturday morning I went to weight watchers and was sadden to learn I gain 1.3lbs.  Not unexpected because I had a rough week.  It could have been much worse.  I keep reminding myself, it's a journey not a race.  

J came with me because I signed him up for a free hip hop class at a local dance studio.  He likes dancing and I thought he might enjoy it.  J did and we may sign him up for it.  I just don't want to have him in too many things, but I also want him to try things out and to see if he likes them.  So, we'll see, the classes start in the fall. J has already informed me not to register him for preschool next year.  I already did but it doesn't mean he has to go.  Yes, it would probably be good for him, but I think he'll be in school soon and it would be nice to spend the extra time with him.  It would also be nice not having to  fight/encourage him to go on preschool mornings.  Summer has just started, he'll have lots of time to change his mind.

We we got back from dance, we head over to the MS Fire Truck Show and Shine.  We went last year too.  Our timing was pretty good because we got to see a helicopter land, J was so excited.  Ri interested but nervous.  I had put shorts on the kids but had to get their jackets out the van.  It was windy and the wind was cold.  They could have worn pants.

 Me and Ri.  Can't see it here, but it's her left eye that is hurt.

J in a fire truck.  He loves fire trucks.

 J in the helicopter.

 Kids in a fire truck.

 A family pic. 

I found this next pick, it is us last year at the show and shine.  I'm wearing the same pants!!!  Another old faithful to get rid of!

But look how the kids have grown! 

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