Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Real Soccer Player

 J started soccer last evening.  He was so excited!  Ever since we registered him in March, J has been talking a lot about playing soccer.  I remember one day driving home from preschool, we were talking about soccer and he said to me "Mom, I going to be a real soccer player."  That just melted my heart.  It was a simple statement but I understood it.   This was a very big deal, it wasn't just mommy and J kicking the ball around the yard anymore. This was the real thing, he was going to be part of team, he was going to have a coach, he was going to play on a soccer field and he was going to get wear a jersey with a number on his back, just like his daddy does when playing softball.  I could hear the anticipation, the dream in his voice.  I pray he has many of those moments in life.

So, you can only imagine how he felt when he got to put on his team jersey.

There were four teams of 3 to 4 year olds at the field.  Watching them all, they looked so little.  Their little soccer socks, their little cleats, their little jerseys, their little number three size balls.  It made me remember that J is little too.  Sometimes I forget that. 

The love I have for my children, grows and grows each day.  It really is amazing how much love the heart can hold, although it may feel like it could burst, that you can't love a tiny ounce more, you can and you do. There's always room for love.

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