Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Post Six Days

It has been a long time since I wrote.  I should be doing better. I need to do better.  It seems like a trend of mine to start something, be passionate about it and then the passion fades and I stop.  People also says 'Follow your passion.'  Well, I'm still working on finding my passion.

Today we (And when I say we, I mean Ri) slept in  until 9am.  I head Ri at her door, 'mom, mom'.  So me and Ri got up and the boys slept.  We had a lazy day and did some tidy up.  Ri and I cuddled in my bed watching the movie 'Tangled'.  She fell asleep and I too ended up having a nap.

The weather today was cloudy, dark, like it was going to rain.  For supper we headed to Saltscapes in Truro.  Hubby had a $25 gift certificate, he won from a ball torment.  And when we got there we found out kids under 6 eat free.  We got a very good deal.

At the restaurant, Ri wasn't interested in sitting, she wanted to walk around the large restaurant. I even walked her around thinking that would help settle her, but it didn't, it just made her want to walk around some more.  So, then I had the idea of taking her outside to help settle down and then bring her back in.  Me and Ri go outside and there is a speaker just under the corner of  the roof and it's playing music.  Ri started dancing, her little face looking at me smiling, her little shoulders moving back and forth, her knees bouncing.  It was so cute.  I couldn't help but start laughing and smiling.  Here I was taking her out to settle her down and here she was having fun dancing.  I wish I had my camera.

Ri never did settle down, me and Terry took turns taking her outside, to the washroom and out to the general store.  Ri wasn't interested at all in sitting down and eating.  It was her first time acting like this in a restaurant.  She wasn't bad, she just wanted to walk around. 

Last week was  fun and challenging with the kids.  Here's the story:

 Tuesday:  In the morning we went to a newly built playground with a friend and her kids.  It was fun, the kids had a great time, climbing, sliding and running.  After lunch we headed out side.  I put the kids swimsuits on and gave them a bucket and a sponge.  The kids helped wash the van on the outside and I worked on the inside.  They had a lot of fun.  Before we went in we played baseball. J loves hitting the ball.  Even Ri will try to throw the ball for J to hit.

Wednesday:  That morning, I decided that it would be a clean up day.  Tidy up, laundry, the usual. But it ended up a day at the doctors. 

 I was in the washroom when I heard I screamed/cry followed by running foot steps.  Then more of a loud cry, a hurt cry.  I rushed out the washroom and that is when I seen Ri.  She had blood running down her face.  There was so much blood.  It was in her eye and running down to her chest.  I grabbed her and comfort her and yelled for J. When she calmed down, I took her in the washroom and started to clean her up to see where she was hurt.  To tell the truth I was panicked. With cleaning her up, I saw that Ri had a gash just above her eyebrow, I called the doctor and we went in.  Before we went in the bleeding had stopped and I found out from J that he had threw a car at her.  We waited (we had just came in before lunch), they were running behind so the secretary told us to come back after lunch.  We did and the doctor saw us right away.  Luckily she didn't need a stitch but the doctor did use something like tape to close the skin together. He also put a band aid to protect the stripes from Ri little hands. The doctor said her cut was superficial, thank goodness.  Tomorrow we are going to take off  the band aid and the stripes to see how the wound is healing.

Thursday:  The kids were a little wild.  Jumping off and on the couch.  They were sleepy but I knew they wouldn't go for a nap, so off to the wild life park we went. The season pass we bought in May has already paid for it self.  We went with my/our friend Lis and her son.  The kids had lots of fun and so did us moms. 

Friday: It's me and Terry's 10th Wedding Anniversary.  Terry took the day off of work and we went for breakfast at the Irving Big Stop.  But before we do, I get weighed in at weight watchers.  I lost 1.6lbs!!!!  After a lovely breakfast we pack the van and head to Nanny's house for the night.  Terry and I went out that evening for a dinner and movie.  We went to Joes' and had scotts skins, so yummy!!!  The movie we saw was 'Rock of Ages'.  It took a few minutes to get use to the singing, but it was good, worth seeing especially Tom Cruise singing Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive. 

Saturday: Was a rainy day, after lunch with Nanny at MacDonalds, we headed home.  For supper we went to a friend's house Lis.  It was nice.  Then it was home and bed.

Tomorrow I'll post some pics!

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