Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Days...

Some days blogging is very easy for me.  I can write and write and it all flows.  Other days, I reread sentences over and over, trying to make them sound ok.  I don't have a set time for blogging, some days it is in the morning or afternoon but mostly it is at night.  It is a good time I have to myself.  The problem my brain is tired and foggy.  

Some days I can't make head way with our place, I keep putting the same toys away over and over.  The clean laundry gets taller in the laundry basket waiting to get folded and put away.  The dirty laundry in the hamper starts flowing over. And I walk around like a zombie.   Other days I get everything done within the few hours of being up and I look around and think "What can I do next?"

Today was the kinda day I got some stuff done.  The blogging, blah, things are coming to me.  J had preschool this morning.  The kids got to ride on a school bus, they were learning about school bus safety.  J had a great time, he was very excited to tell me all about it.  Ri and I went for a walk this morning with another preschool mom.  The mom said I 'looked tired' and asked if I wanted to continue on with our plan to walk.  I did.  

I should probably go to bed earlier tonight. 


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  2. Thank you :) I'll check it out.