Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today started off on a sleepy note, Ri was up and down between 12am until 2:30am.  I would go in the bedroom, settle her down and then come back and crawl into bed next to hubby.  As soon I was getting comfy or had fallen back to sleep, I would hear her again.  Up and down, up and down until she finally settled down.  I was hoping to sleep this morning, but it was a no go.  Ri is on day 4 of no naps.  

This morning we went to a friends house.  She lives about twenty minutes away, I thought the kids would snooze in the van, but they didn't.  We had a lovely visit until it was time to leave and J threw a baseball at his friend and hit her.  Why J? Why?

We got home had lunch, microwaveable beefaroni.  I had picked it up on sale, it had been in the pantry for a while.  Neither kid ate it.  After lunch we walked over to the local Sears outlet and picked up hubby's father's day gift.  The kids were well behaved on our walk, I was grateful.  At supper time, J had to tell Terry "Dad, we picked up your angry bird shirt today."  No way was J going to let Terry forget about his father's day gift.  

The kids went to bed early and easy tonight.  Terry played ball.  I tried to have a nap, but the train came and woke me.  I was struggling with eating.  I just wanted to eat and eat and eat.  Weigh in is on Saturday, I'm trying to keep focus.  It's hard sometimes.

Til' Tomorrow Friends!

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