Tuesday, June 12, 2012

J The Fire Fighter

When I don't post for a two to three days, it gets harder to post.  I'm at the kitchen table.  J's watching the 'Cars' movie in the living room.  Ri is in her room, it's suppose to be nap time.  I hear her making noises at the door.  Is nap time gone?  Terry is in our bed.  He's got strep throat.  It's sunny outside, I have clothes out.  The trees are all in bloom and very green.

Yesterday I took the kids out shopping for pillows, hubby was in bed sick.  We went to The Bargain Shop.  I'm looking at pillows, the kids go to another aisle, I go looking for them and Ri says to me "Pee."  I walk towards her and I realize that she has already peed in her clothes.  First time it happened like that in a store.

The peeing on potty has taken a huge step backwards.  But that's a post for another day. 

J and his firefighter costume.  It's getting small.  He wore this to the store yesterday.  

Ri just before we went to the store.

I'm hoping the kids will nap this afternoon.   It's a high hope. 

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