Friday, June 15, 2012

Wild Life Park & a Poke in the Eye

Friday morning started pretty early.  It was J's last day of preschool and it ended with a trip to the Wild Life Park and picnic.  Me and Ri went along. The weather was kinda chilly, the kids wore jackets and at the picnic area is was windy but nice. 

J liked being with his class and running with the other kids.  In the middle of the park, we were all at our own pace, Ri just loved the animals that day.  J and I had to keep calling her to keep going.  But at the end, near the bears we caught up with our friends and headed over to the picnic area.  

J at the Wild Life Park, in a hole in a tree.

Ri's turn.  She looks a little scared. 

It was our first time at the picnic area, it was very big and there were a lot of kids.  Two school buses of kids.  We had our own area where the kids played games, ate and had lots of fun.  Before we left the teachers handed out each child a gift (a book) along with there progress report.  The report showed the difference between February and now.  J did really well.  One funny thing, he knew all the body parts except wrist and waist.  Terry and I both smiled when we read that part.  

Later in the afternoon, the kids were playing with pillows and blankets on the couch.  I went over to pick Ri up, instead of getting her under her arms, I poked her in the eye with my thumb nail.  The feeling of quilt was overwhelming.  She cried, I held her, tried to comfort her and prayed.  I then noticed when she turned her eye, her eye ball was red in the corner.  I freaked out a little, I called Terry who didn't help much "How could do that?" sort of thing.  I hung up with him and called the eye doctor.  We went to get her eye checked out.  

The eye doctor said I got her eye on an angle and not straight ahead which would have been worst.  There is no permanent damage, thank goodness.  A blood vessel did break and she did have a scratch on her eye.  Mommy is so sorry darling.  

Ri was very good for the doctor.  I stood her up on my lap and she put her head in the machine and the eye doctor got a really good look.  He was happy he could see for sure what the eye was like instead of just an idea (if she would have been moving a lot).  J was also well behaved, another thankful moment. It was my first experience with this doctor and he was just awesome, very nice and friendly.  He said he usually sees parents come in with a poke in the eye from the kids.

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