Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Pics

Yesterday we spent Canada day in the valley.  We picked strawberries, went on a picnic with Nanny. Then it was time to come home, we bbq hamburgers for supper and went to see fireworks. It was a great day! 

 Happy 145 Canada!!!

The strawberry fields.

This Canadian Girl wasn't interested in picking berries, she soon threw down her basket.

DoughJo on the other hand loved picking berries!

Showing mom how many berries he picked so far!

Valley Berries!

 At a walking trail, getting ready to have a picnic.

Setting up for our picnic.

A bridge on the walking trail.

 We spent Canada Day driving with Nanny.  We we headed home in our van, I noticed during the day, it was so hot in our vehicle, it melted a crayon.  
Terry asks "How are we going to clean that?"  
Me, "I have no idea."
 On the drive home, the kids crashed!

  JoJo snoring it up!

Fireworks getting ready to start

The family watching the fireworks.  Ri did not let go of her daddy, but she didn't cry.

We had a great long weekend.  It was relaxing, and great memories were made and maybe even a few new traditions in the making. 


  1. LOVE the photos of the sleeping children. I wish I could sleep like that without a care in the world. And the berries? WOW Beautiful
    Happy Canada Day (a few days late)


  2. Patti,

    Thank you for the lovely comments. Happy Belated Canada Day to you too :)