Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Car Show Saturday

On Saturday we went to Curtis Customs 3rd Annual Classic Car Show for the first time. It was held at Scotia Speedworld.   Terry and I both love car shows, the walking, the looking at the vehicles, the talking about the vehicles.  We both had a car we wanted to see, me a Impala (because of one of my favourite shows 'Supernatural') and Terry a Javelin. 

When we were driving there we seen some old vehicles leaving and the parking lot didn't have a lot of cars in it.  I got Terry to check to see if it the show was still going on.  It was.  There wasn't a lot cars in the show.  And as we were walking around the track to look at the cars, some of the cars were leaving, which I haven't seen before.  It must have been a little disappointing to the organizers as they were stating on their  website this show was going to be the biggest in Halifax this year. 

However!!!!  We did see the cars we wanted!  I saw my Impala and Terry saw his Javelin.  We had a nice time and even toured a Canadian Navy bus.  It was our second time at Scotia Speedworld and we definitely want to go back and see a race.
The Javelin

 The Impala, a two door.  Supernatural's a four door.  But still Awesome!

Another cool car!

 Me & RiThese shorts are another old faithful I hope to get of soon.

 Thought this was cool too!

We're looking forward to the next car show.  

Before we went to the show, I went to weight watchers.  I lost 0.2lb,  which is nice.  I have been losing the same 1.5lbs seems like forever.  But I have 11.8lb gone and it is the end of July.  If I wasn't on weight watchers, I would have gained And I'm going to keep going, keep trying.  As always, I trying for a loss this week.

I was going to post last night but we were having internet problems.

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