Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Another Wednesday

It's 8:00am and the kids are up and eating breakfast.  The coffee is brewing as I write.  Pause.  I'm now drinking coffee, the kids are still eating and now watching 'Bo on the Go'.

The days are going by fast and falling into one another.  I'm still trying to work out some routine.  But it's summer time so maybe there no need.  The housework, as usual, seems to have no end.  Toys are always on the kids bedroom floor, beds never seem to stay made, hamper never empty and the kids enjoying every minute of it, ..... usually ...... when they are not fighting over the same toy/piece of paper/spot on the couch ....... 

Although I haven't been writing, I have been going to weight watchers weight ins. One of the great things about weight watchers is that you can get weighed in any where there is a weight watchers meeting.  So, when we were in the valley, I got weighed there.  But didn't stay for the meeting. 

Sadly to report, that  the weeks, two weeks, two gains.  1.4lbs up and then 0.4lb.  I'm hoping and trying for a loss this week.   For me, I enjoy staying at the meetings, it helps me, but with summer time, sometimes it's hard with the different actives plan and time frame.  Last Saturday I went to my usually place and stayed for the meeting.  It was about planing your food when traveling, like road trips.  It was helpful.  When we went to the beach on Sunday, I packed lots of fruit for us to eat along the way.  Yummy and 0 points. 

 Ri helping me make potato salad. She really got into her work.

On our way to the beach!

A picnic before we head to the water and sand.

Loving the beach.

It's now 8:54am, my coffee is gone.  I have left the computer about 4 times, the kids have been at the computer with me over half the time and for about the last night minutes I have been trying to get the mouse from Ri.  It's just another Wednesday.   

I have been slacking on the blogging. So, I'm going to try to post daily for a week, to help me get back in the swing of things. 

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