Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My 60th Post!

It's getting close to 6pm. I thought about having bbq hamburgers for supper. Something quick, something simple. It's warm here today, 29 degrees and feels like 35. No need for turning on the oven or stove. But I ended up making a fruit & cheese tray. It was yummy! Terry had cottage cheese.

Terry's got his one of his wisdom teeth taken out today.  It had to be removed by a dental surgeon. Terry's mom, Nanny,  came over and watched the kids so I could go in with Terry.  Nanny came a little earlier and came with us to J's swim lesson.  It was a nice treat for J.

After J's swim lesson, me and Terry headed out.  We took Nanny's car, a standard.  We had a standard for about six/seven years.  However, for the past 2 1/2 years< I have been driving an automatic, but what people say is true you never forget to drive a standard.  I was grateful there was no hills on our journey.

Terry's procedure went very well.  The tooth came out quick and easy.  The nurse told me, Terry asked if "they got the right tooth" because it happened so quickly.  They did. On the drive home, I told Terry I prayed for  him.  He said Thank you.  He also said I was driving really well, he then added the medication was making him relaxed. Ha! 

When we got home, I took our van and went and got Terry's prescriptions and some soft food: yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding and ice cream.  He's napping now, and the kids are suppose to be playing quietly in their room before bed.  Soon it will be bed time.

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