Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Sunday

This week has gone by quickly. Honestly I can't really remember what we did.  Guess I should be posting more.  Friday was mid-terms for J's swimming.  He was in Preschool level 2 and the instructor thinks he is ready for swimmer 1, which is exciting!  J starts the new level tomorrow.  

Friday Terry took the day off work.  It wasn't much of a vacation day more of a get things done day.  In the morning we took J swimming and got our van's a/c looked at.  Short version of the van story, it is going to cost a lot to get fixed.  So, it's not going to get done this summer.  And Terry and I both have dentist appoints.  Him for a wisdom tooth extraction and me to a periodontist for bone loss.  I'm not looking forward to it.

Saturday we went to Truro for a picnic but there wasn't any picnic tables available so we found some picnic tables at a playground in Bible Hill.  The picnic tables were shaded and we brought our table top bbq.  We (Terry) cooked sausages while I watched/played with the kids on the playground.  After a yummy meal of sausages, broccoli salad and ice tea we headed over to Victoria Park Pool.  We had so much fun.  J started going down the water slide, he loved it.  Ri wanted to go down the water slide too, she even walked up the stairs and tried to get her feet on the slide.  I had to take her back down the stairs crying away.  No pictures, I got batteries for the camera, but forgot to bring it.

Today we stayed closer to home and went to a local farm market.  We bought peaches, plums, blueberries, chicken and beef.  The kids got ice cream and J suggested to eat the ice cream on the deck.  We did and when we got home I realized I left my purse on the deck.  Ugh.  But we went back and my purse was still on the deck, everything still in tact. Thankful.  In the afternoon we went to the local outdoor pool.  It was our first time as a family and we had a lot of fun.  A great way to fill the afternoon.  

After supper we went for a walk around the block.  We started with J riding his bike, and Ri in the stroller.  On the way back, Terry was pushing J's bike.  J was pushing the stroller.  And I was holding Ri's hand.  The kids are in bed now, but not sleeping.  

These are pictures taken with hubby's Blackberry last Sunday at Peggy's Cove.

 Famous Light House

 One the rocks, at Peggy's Cove behind the light house.

 Taken from the memorial site for the Swiss Air Flight 111

 Me at the memorial site. I still remember what I was doing when I heard about the plane crash.  I was listening to a radio with friends in a car outside the Mayflower mall in Sydney. It was the start of mine first year of university in Cape Breton.  
Another  friend of my was in Staples getting a laptop. 

 At the memorial site

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