Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swim Like a Fish

This summer we put J in swimming lessons. He started Monday. This is his first time and he is having a lot of fun.  His little face just lights up. And so far he has been listening to his instructor, which I'm very thankful for.   J is/was very excited and I like seeing him learn, answer questions, follow instructions. 

On Monday it was Terry's holiday from Canada Day, so he came with us.  And I'm glad he did because  he got a chance to see J at his swimming lesson.  I was also happy because Ri was quite upset she couldn't get in the pool too.  But I'm happy to say that each day, Ri has gotten better, like yesterday she sat on my lap for most of the lesson.

 His little bright face, he's so excited

J at his first lesson.

At yesterday's at swim class, the instructor was asking the kids about life jackets, when they should use them, why should they wear them on a boat, etc.  J was the first to answer each time "Wear them when you are in the water.", "If you fall out the boat, they help you to float." It was sweet to watch.  The instructor said "Your on the ball this morning J."

 Ri has been playing and getting in to things.  Yesterday, she found the corn starch.  
I moved the corn starch.

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