Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics

 The opening ceremony of the Olympics aired 5:00pm local time.  I just started to make supper and the kids were playing with their play kitchen.  As the ceremony played on, J was memorized, "Look Mom" he kept saying. 

About a half hour later Terry came in and J was telling him all what he had seen on tv. J was very excited.  For the special occasion, we ate our supper watching the ceremony.  The last Summer Olympics, J was about six months.  Time goes by quick.  

We let the kids stay up to watch the Canadians enter the stadium and then it was bed time.  J went to sleep rather quickly, but Ri was the fighter tonight.  "Mom, Mommy, Dad, Daddy."  Terry and I took turns cuddling her.

For the next Summer Olympics, J will be 8 years old, Ri will be 5.  I wonder what we will be doing during the next opening ceremony?  Maybe we will be all sitting around eating supper again and hopefully with an addition of another child or two. 

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