Monday, August 20, 2012

Active Weather

Something very cool happened.  On Sunday, my weather video was shown on The Weather Network!!!  I was so excited! I love The Weather Network, so it was extra special.

The video was taken Saturday evening, we were coming back from the Fox Hollow Golf Course (Terry had a golf tournament with work, me and the kids were picking him up).  The sky was dark, cloudy and there was thunder and lighting.  As we were driving home, it started pouring, so much that it was hard to see out the window and the wipers couldn't keep up.  I told Terry to take a video and that we would up load it to The Weather Network website.  

We we got home, I uploaded the video to the website.  The next day we had the tv on The Weather Network channel, Terry and I were talking and we heard the video.  We both stopped and looked at the TV, it was our video.  It was pretty cool.  I called my mom right away.

Here's the video:

And of course after Terry stopped filming there was a huge clap of thunder and lightening in the clouds. 

Here's the link to watch the video on The Weather Network:

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