Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cranky Kids this AM

Yesterday morning, I sat in front of the computer and did the usually, checked email, blogger and facebook.  I should have blogged then, but the time got away from me and then we needed to head out for swimming.   Friday is the last day of swimming, I'll be happy for the break.  J has been saying all week that he 'doesn't want to go swimming.', but of course when we get there, he jumps right in and has fun.  On the way home from swimming I tell him only two more days of swimming, first he says 'good' and then adds 'I want to do it again.'  

Ri is playing with the play kitchen, cartoons are on, 'Martha Speaks.'  J keeps asking Ri to play with her and the kitchen, Ri gives a big, loud 'No', followed by a loud squeal.  They are both a little cranky this morning, both needed more sleep. After a fun filled, lots of activity day, no nap day, it took the kids a while to fall asleep.  Ri was up three times during the night and both were up before eight.

Yesterday I did something for the first time with the kids.  I took the kids to the pool by myself.  It was going to be another hot and humid day and I wanted us to be cool.  I have to say it went very well and I'm not sure why I had that little bit of fear, that I couldn't do it on my own.  More squealing, J telling Ri 'Your not my friend.'   We had lots of fun and stayed very cooled.  I bought a day pass, so after supper we all went back to the pool, including Terry.  When we headed home, Terry said to me 'It's like I never went to work today.'  Next year, I think I need to invest in a season pass for the pool. 

Ri just handed J kitchen play utensils, a peace offering, all is well again.

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