Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Like it Hot & Some are in Weght Watchers

Today the temperature is 26 degrees and feels like 36.  Our place and outsides feels muggy, I'm focusing on Saturday.  It's suppose to be 23 and feel like 23.  Some like it hot and humidity.  Me not so much.  Fall is my favourite season. 

The past weekend we stayed close to home.  It was cloudy and muggy with the threat of rain and thunder and lighting.  We got some rain, not thunder and lighting.  I did got for walk with Ri on Saturday and Sunday.  Got to walk off the weight.  

Got weighed Saturday morning and I gained 1.2lbs.  Am I ever going to make it to the next weight bracket?  Or have 15lbs gone?  I have lost 11 and a bit.  All summer I have been battling it.  But I have to say even though I gain some weeks, I always have weight watchers in the back on my mind.  The gains could have been much worse.  And I have been maintaining a 10lb to 11 lbs loss.  It's not all bad.  There may be gains along the way, but I'm not going to give up.  If I did, I would I would gain back what I lost plus more.

At the last weight watchers meeting, our leader told as a story about a member.  The member was going to weight watchers and was losing low amounts each week, 0.2lb here, a 0.5lb there.  She got discouraged and stopped going.  Two years later she joined again and she told the leader "I think back if I would have stayed with weight watchers, those little amounts would have added up and I would be at my goal now."

I'm going to keep that story close, for days that I get discouraged. 

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