Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Long Time

We have had these dishes for a long time, six and a half years. I bought these dishes (pictured new here), in March 2006.  We are still using them.  There was a set of eight.  Four in red and four in yellow.  Today we're down to six big plates, three little plates, seven bowls and seven mugs.  I remember how much I liked them and how at first I wouldn't take them out of the box. 

Today all three small plates have large chips in them, some of the bowls, big plates and mugs have tiny ones.  I'm not sure why I kept them for so long.  I'm not sure why I haven't replaced them yet.  We could really use some small plates.

I have sorta started looking for our next set. We have mugs, they are still in the box.  Terry won them last year at his work Christmas party.  They are a nice brown colour with flowers.  I found some bowls on the Anthropologie website.  But I haven't found any plates yet.   It probably won't be a matching set, but it will be cute.

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