Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day Back

It was J's first day back to preschool today.  When it was time to get ready, he said "I don't want to go."   I tried to comfort him, telling him about seeing his friends again, but he wasn't having it. But he went, with out tears, with out much of a fuss.

 One day we'll look back at these pictures and he'll ask me "Why didn't I want to go mom?"  And I'll say "I have no idea".  A few times, J said he didn't want to go to preschool because then he wouldn't know what Ri was doing.

Ri looks much more excited to be heading out.  J is probably thinking 
"Not another picture!"

But I'm happy to report that when we picked J up from preschool he was smiling and said that he had fun.  J also reported that he had a new name "Spiderman" and that a friend from preschool also had a new name "Batman'.

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