Thursday, September 13, 2012

I wouldn't Change a Thing

I first saw the above post on Facebook, I thought to myself "Oh my goodness, I'm not alone", and then I laughed because it was/is very true to me.  Before being a mom, I thought there would be lots of hugs and kisses, "I love you mommy".  I could picture me and the kids going for walks in the park holding hands, we talk about the colour of the leaves and the different animals.  I could see my little child looking up and me and saying "I love you mommy".  

Never did I think that us in the park would be me yelling and the kids running on their own mission. My "Slow Down", "If you don't listen to mommy, we are going home",  "J! J! J!" "Ri! Ri! Ri!,  falling on deaf ears.  Us leaving the park, me more tired than them.   You know, the soap opera's never really showed the terrible twos.  The soap kids are always pleasant, quiet and listens to their tv parents. 

I didn't think about the kids running away from their time outs or that they would actually get out of bed after you tucked them in.  I didn't think there could be such attitude coming out of such a little person "Go be someone else's mommy".  I didn't think they would fight me while trying to buckle them in the car seat.  Only the positive was imagined.  

Being a parent has taught me to let go of the ideas of how I thought things should be, be more patient, be more flexible, laugh often, treasure moments, have fun and to have more trust in the Lord for the plans he has for our lives.  I also find encouragement through other moms (friends, bloggers).  It's nice when I'm having a bad day that a phone call to a friend or reading a blog post can make me laugh or smile.  On days that I don't want to do things around the house (laundry, dishes, ect), I get encouraged by reading or talking with others who have some house work completed, baking or cooking.  I remember one day, I read a friends post on facebook, it was only mid morning but she already had all her bed changes, upstairs tidy, laundry on the line, etc.  That encouraged me to started getting my stuff accomplished.  And while I was doing it, I felt joy. 

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