Monday, September 17, 2012

Need to put the Computer Down Sometimes...

Chocolate chip cookies are on the cooling rack, Ri is napping and J is watching Aurthur.  And I'm making my second attempt to blog today.  This morning I tried and it did not go well. Both kids half on me and half on the computer desk. It was getting frustrating, and I thought to myself or God gave me the thought "What is more important? What should you being doing?' 

I pushed my self way from the computer desk. And we had part two of our morning. We had fun and got a lot of housework done.  I worked on the living room and kitchen, J and Ri worked on cleaning their room. As I was vacuuming the living room carpet, I felt at peace and happy.  It was a confirmation that I made the right choice of putting the blog on hold.  

It is very easy for me to get caught up with social media: "Just let me post one more picture in facebook", "I'm just going to check such and such page", "One more minute kids", "Mommy is almost done".   There are times I can (that is ok) post/check email/facebook/tweet/blog with the kids, but there are other times I shouldn't.  In me I know the difference, I pray that I make the right choice. 

Back to This Morning....

To help J pick up his toys, we made a game out of it.  I set a timer for 10 minutes, he would run out and I would say a number between 1 and 10, like 4.  He would then run back in his room and pick up 4 items off his floor.  After the ten minutes, I would set the timer for a five minute break.  J and Ri would go up and down the hall with their socks on pretending to skate.  After the break, I set the timer again and started giving out numbers.  J had so much fun 'Your the best mom' he said while running back to his room to pick up more toys.  Will it work again? 

After lunch of grilled cheese, Ri went down for a nap.  J and I made cookies,  it was our special thing to do just him and I.  Later we're going to make gluten free homemade pizza!

J is back with me, were side by side.  He's watching mighty machines on the other computer monitor.  And I'm finishing up this post. T

Happy Monday!

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