Sunday, September 16, 2012

Open Farm Day

Yesterday was Open Farm Day.  This is our third year going.  Nanny, who is up for an adventure came with us.  This year we went  to Eiklyn Farms/Scotian Cattle/Rines Creek Vineyard and Rocaro Alpaca Farm.  We had a wonderful time.  I love farmers and have the most respect for them.  I truly believe the slogan 'Farmers Feed Families.' 

Here a few pictures:

They had a bouncy house.  After one slide, Ri was hooked!

 Jost Winery was there with wine for sale.  We bought a bottle of Kellermeister.

We met Shanda Cameron, local aurthor. 
The kids got her lovely book, "Snow Day at Farmer Browns"
Me and Ri petting a sheep.  I'm such a mom holding two jackets, the Open Farm map.  
I also have two small chocolate milks in my purse.

Us on a wagon ride. Nanny decided to skip the ride.  While we were on the wagon ride, J's name got called.  He won a prize!  Nanny went to tell them we were just on the wagon ride, but they said J need to be there to claim his prize.  J would have been heart broken, so we didn't tell him.

Terry talking to J about the cow he had growing up.
I love this picture of my guys.

Some of the Alpacas!

We ended the day with a trip to A&W

Thank you to all the Farmers!

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