Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was simple, but nice. Saturday morning we headed to Costco and t then we spent the rest of the rainy day cuddled with blankets on the couch or playing with toys.  It was Terry's turn to cook, he does weekends, and he made a delicious pork stir-fry.

Sunday we took advantage of the weather, no rain and a feel like temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.  So, we put on our shorts and headed to the playground. And then to one of mommy's favourite places the Wild Life Park.   
 Leaves falling, kids in shorts. 

 Nova Scotia has been getting large amounts of rain.  A few weeks ago Truro was hit pretty hard with flooding.  With the rain from Saturday combined with previous rain, we had some local flooding.  Both places were there is water, it's suppose to be grass.

 Even the Wild Life Park had flooding.  
We could see where new dirt was added to replaced the dirt the rain washed away. 

 This river was way more full than normal

 The park had this section blocked off due to the water flooding the road/path

After the Wild Life Park, where we saw the ground hog for the first time ever and the beavers were out of their hut, we headed to Dairy Queen.  At Dairy Queen, Ri picked out an ice cream cone but really wanted my dilly bar.  Can you guess who had the dilly bar?  Yup, Ri.  Then it was back home for a quick and easy supper of grilled cheese and bed time.  The kids went to bed easily and feel asleep quickly.  Terry and I were both thankful.

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