Friday, September 14, 2012


A friend introduced me to Pintrest a while ago.  I haven't really spent much time on it, until this evening.  The kids were in bed, Terry at a ball tournament and I spent about an hour on Pintrest. What a lot of great ideas.

Yesterday evening, J was laying on the couch, holding his head still, with olive oil in his ear.  His ear was hurting. Terry went to ball and the kids went to bed.  About an hour later, J got back up, his ear still hurting.  I put more oil in his ear and we cuddled and watched Higglytown Heroes.  J said to me "I love you mommy", no matter how much I hear it, it always melts my heart.

After a peanut butter sandwich, it was again bedtime.  J slept through the night and this morning J said his ear didn't hurt anymore.  

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