Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yesterday morning, J had preschool. Only a few times did he say "I don't want to go to preschool'.  But he got dressed, got his backpack and went out the door.  Last year it was much more of a fuss. While J was in preschool,  Ri and I went for a walk with another mom.  It was nice to be out walking in the fall sun, exercise and talk to another adult.  Ri was good too, no crying, no trying to get out of the stroller. We walked about 40 minutes and then me and Ri headed to the grocery store where I picked up grapes and chicken nuggets.  It was a big hit for lunch time.

It wasn't until after lunch did I feel so tired, I had to lie down.  Ri was napping and I was trying to convince J to come in my bed and watch cartoons.  He came, but he couldn't stay still.  He would be under the blankets, out of the blankets, sitting up, shaking his legs, turn over, turn back.  I was like "Please, please stay still for one cartoon show".  I'll I wanted was 20 minutes, but every time I would drift to sleep, I was woken up.  And his little cute voice "Sorry mom, I won't move again."  Eventually I did get to nap for about 15 minutes, it was well needed. I guess I didn't pick the right cartoon or J didn't want to stay still because he would fall asleep.

This morning, I woke up still feeling tired.  I need another nap and it's not even 10am.  I think I'm probably coming down with something.  I feel tired, achy and cold.  Hopefully this passes soon and I wake up full of energy tomorrow morning.  It's Ri's birthday on Tuesday and Thanksgiving next weekend. I'm going to need the energy! 

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