Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spototamus Hippopotamus

We got our cat Spototamus (Spot for short) in June 2007.   He was born in April and  they referred to him as Slant Face, not the nicest name.  Terry picked him out, and it was the perfect pick.  

Spot as a kitten. 

Spot today, snoozing on J's bed.  What a life!

I wasn't really a cat person, Terry talked me in to it.  He promised me that he would always clean the out the litter.  It's been five years later and I still haven't cleaned the litter.  But now I like cats and I love Spot.  He has been wonderful for our family.  He is really good with the kids.  They chase him, roll on him and he either takes it or runs away.

At night he'll come and lay beside me.  He's sweet and we all love him!

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