Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Old Becomes New

We got married in June of 2002.   Later in the summer we moved to a new area and bought some furniture, for our new place as a married couple.  We bought a couch (we just got a new one in February) and a dining set.  I really like the dining set.  It seemed cool, it had cloth seats and a glass table top.  I clearly remember saying "Oh, when we have kids, we'll have to get something different."  and the salesman responding "My parents had a glass table, it wasn't a problem."  And it's true for us, the glass wasn't the problem, it was the cloth chairs.

 Our chairs before kids.

The cloth chairs remained in a pretty good condition over years........ until we had kids. It wasn't bad at first, the spills could be wiped away easily.  But then came a time when the spills could not be wiped away, they became stains.  Stains upon stains.  I tried to scrub them out, used a carpet cleaner machine and nothing.  The colour wasn't even the same anymore.  I was embarrassed by the state of our chairs.

Our chairs after the kids
One day in March, I said lets try to reupholster the chairs.  So, off we went to Fabricville.  The price wasn't too bad, just under $100.  We picked up a green vinyl and padding. Most of the cost was padding, Terry picked the thickest.  So, it could have been done much cheaper.  

 Putting the padding on the wood base.

   The padding on the chair. It's thick!

We didn't know what we were doing. We kept looking up youtube videos to try to help us out. Taking off the old staples and cloth seemed to take forever.  The thick padding was so hard to cut.  It wasn't until the last seat cut-out, that we found out to use an electric knife to cut the foam.  The electric knife worked great.  We also had trouble with getting the vinyl around the corners of the chairs.  Most of the videos we watched were cloth based.  But we did the best we could.  It took was an all day project, everything else: tidying up, dishes, etc got put on hold.

The finished product! 

Our chair today!
The green looked nicer under the stores florescent lights.

Over all I think the chairs came out great.  It is so much easier to keep clean, just a wipe.  I would do this sort of project again, we learned a lot.  And it was so much cheaper than going and getting a new dining set.

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