Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Past Week - Part Two

On Thursday afternoon, we went to the playground.  It had rained in the morning and they were calling for rain again in the afternoon.  But we took a chance at the playground anyway.  They kids had lots energy to burn.  I put splash pants on the kids and off we went. When we got there, there was only one family and they were getting to leave.  So, we had the whole playground to ourselves.  We had such a great time.  One of J's favourite games is 'Catch me mom, Catch me'.  He loves for me to chase him around, try to catch him and tickle him.  Ri loves the swing.  That afternoon it was like she was flying.  She puts her little chest on the swing, kicks back her legs and swings in the air.  I'll have to post the video.

 Getting ready to fly.

 Higher Mom! Higher!

Ri wanted to push J on the swing
She's trying!
She did it!

After more play at the playground and a  nature walk we head back home.  I start making supper and kids make a fort with dinning chairs in the living room.  I was going to make a noddle casserole dish, but didn't have enough noodles.  I tried to use spaghetti noodles, but it didn't turn out right.   This week when I picked up some groceries, I picked up three bags of noodles.

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