Saturday, October 13, 2012

Across the Pond

It's when his work revealed, we can really see how God works across the miles, through passing time.  

A while ago, a friend added me to a local community facebook group. People would post about events that was coming up in the community, offering or looking for child care, etc.  One day I see a post from a British lady.  She was asking questions about the community and job opportunities in the area.  Her parents and sisters were in the area and she wanted to move here too. 

As the weeks went on, I seen a few more posts from her.  I found out she had recently moved to Nova Scotia with her kids.  One post was about her boys, their ages, how they missed their friends.  I remember thinking 'Her youngest is close to J's age'.

Then one day at the playground, I hear a pretty blond lady with a British accent talking to her boys.  I looked around and saw them.  They matched the ages I seen in the facebook group. I thought 'Could this be the same person?'

A bit later we were side by side pushing our kids on the swings.  We talked a little about the nice day.  And then I said 'I have an odd question to ask'.  She looked at me and said 'Go for it'.   I love talking to people, but I'm quite shy and I was quite shocked that I said what I did.  I asked 'Are you the lady from the local facebook site?'  She started laughing and said she was.  We started talking and before we left, she asked if I wanted to have coffee the next week.  I said yes and that I would find her though facebook.  

It's a little funny, but I kinda felt like I met a celebrity.  I read about her story on facebook and now I had met in person. 

The following week, I went to her place for coffee.  The kids were playing and we were sitting at the kitchen table.  We start talking for a while and then she mentions my blog and how she read it.  We talk blogs and then she says "So you have faith?"  It was a first time someone had asked me if I was a Christian.  I said yes.  She said she did too.  That she had been a Christian for three years.  God's work at play, but it gets better.

We then started talking about Churches and I mention that I still haven't found one yet and I told her about my Church dissolving and how it was so great.  She then asked, "Was this the one that was in the school?"  I said yes.  She then told me that about 18 months earlier she had been emailing the pastor and his wife.  Wow! 

That is too much to be a coincidence, it was all God.

I emailed my former pastor, his wife (their also my friends) and told them the amazing story of how God connected all of us.  I'm happy to say that my new British friend and the Pastor's family met.  I am also happy to say that tomorrow that we are meeting for worship and fellowship.   And I am happy to say that I met a new friend.

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