Saturday, October 27, 2012

Been Busy

Wow!  I can not believe I haven't posted since Tuesday!  It has been too long!

My Epicure Kit came in on Monday.  Terry had taken a vacation day, so it was nice we all got to look at the products together.  The kids loved getting items out of the box and smelling the spices.  That night Terry made a wonderful tasting meal, (roasted potatoes, lean ground pork) with Epicure Spices. 

The rest of the week went quickly with preschool, library programs, play dates and trips to the playground.  Me up late looking at my Epicure stuff, being tired in the morning.

J had been excited to go to preschool. He is very excited for Halloween, he is going to be Spider Man.  We got his costume last weekend, he wanted to wear it to Costco, we let him.  J made a lot of people smile.  

 J at Costco in his Spiderman costume

Ri has been continuing doing well with potty training.  At her library program this week, during the video, Ri walked away from me and went and sat with the teacher.  That was the first time she ever did that. 

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