Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The kids are in the living room surrounded by loose leaf.  They are drawing pictures of rocket ships.  Ri uses half a page, draws a circle then it's on to the next page.  J's picture is more intense, he uses most of the page. He showed me the door he drew so the people to get inside. It's dull and dark outside, it's just after 9am but I have the lights on.

 Taken a few weeks ago

The weather this fall has been mixed.  We've had few sunny days, but mostly it has been dull and cloudy.  The temperatures have been mostly warm, sometimes too warm.  Yesterday it was 20 with a feel like of 25, right now it's 17.  We went to the playground yesterday and there were a lot of insects.  I got bite a quite a few times.  There have been a couple of cold days, even had a frost warning, but the cold hasn't stayed.  I have yet to full put the summer clothes and shoes away.  I do have the winter hats and mitts washed.

Taken yesterday, another dull day

Ri hasn't napped in over a week.  Even when we take her on a drive, she doesn't close her eyes.  I going to try again today.  She must be tired.  I also think that J isn't getting enough sleep.  I thought with the mornings staying darker for longer they would sleep in, but no, they are getting up earlier than before.

I left weight watchers again, I know, I know, I'm a quitter.  And yes I did gain weight back.  I am kicking my self.  I going to try to loose the weight I gained and join again after Christmas, early Spring.

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