Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Church and Apple Picking

On Sunday me and the kids went to a local Church.  It was our first time there. We felt welcomed and the sermon was good.  J just loved the kids program.  When we got in the van, he said "I want to go back again and again and again."  As soon as we got home, J ran to his dad, telling him how much fun he had at Church.

After lunch we headed to the valley to pick apples and pumpkin.  

 On our way to the valley

After picking up Nanny we headed to a U-Pick where we picked apples.  Ri loved eating the apples.  J loved picking the apples of the trees. 

 The Apples!

Ri and her apple and a white ball.  She found the ball at Nanny's and wouldn't let it go.

J picking apples!

J happy, Ri eating her apple and hold the ball. 

After picking apples, we headed across the street and picked some pumpkins.  We got a wheelbarrow and all the pumpkins looked good.  In the end we got two pumpkins,  a big one (the biggest we have ever gotten) and a medium size one.  

 Getting our pumpkins!

J throwing hay in the air

The kids with their treats!

After the pumpkin picking, we drove to Kentville and looked at the pumpkin people.  Of course we had to stop and look at the Lighting McQueen display.
The kids and Lighting

J and some pumpkin people, he's getting ready to run.

We ended the day with supper and cupcakes at Nanny's house.  It was her birthday the following day.  That night tucking J in, he asked 'When are we going to carve the pumpkins?' I answered 'Maybe next Sunday'.  He replied 'We have to go to Church on Sunday.'

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